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  1. To organize, promulgate and disseminate an interchange of knowledge and ideas in aesthetic surgery between all European, National Societies or Associations of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for the benefit of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.
  2. To protect Aesthetic Surgery for the safety of all patients and the public at large.
  3. To uphold and maintain the highest ethical standards of personal and professional conduct among its members.
  4.  To promote aesthetic surgery, by all channels and methods available, including the organization of educational courses, congresses and publications.
  5. To maintain contact and foment cooperation with other International Associations of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (in particular with ISAPS), in order to establish and maintain common high standards.
  6. To ensure pan-European representation, encouraging those countries that do not yet have their own Association or Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to establish one and to join the EASAPS.
  7. To place the name and purposes of this Association before the scientific body of international medicine to promote and protect Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Europe.


EASAPS will confer diplomas, prizes and grants for scientific and professional projects, presentations and studies as deemed appropriate by the ExCo, and approved by the General Assembly.
EASAPS initiation:

Valladolid Spain during Ith AECEP Congress

Ulrich T. Hinderer

Jose Manuel Perez-Macias

Yann Levet

European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (EASAPS)

–Founded on June 5th  2006, in Lille, France

Officially on September 20th 2007, in Bordeaux, France

–The founding societies:




Founding Members & Trustees


Ulrich T Hinderer, Jose Manuel Perez-Macias, Ramon Vila Rovira,   Miguel Chamosa, Cristino Soarez Lopez de Vergara


Yann Levet, Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr,

 Jean-Luc Roffe, Patrick Bui, Pierre-Alain Debaere


 Nigel Mercer, Norman Waterhouse, Douglas Mc George,  Adam Searle

EASPAS Anual Meeting